Jari Thymian, Denver poet
Jari Thymian, writer and teacher

“I believe that creativity moves with a strong current through our lives. As Marsha Norman says, ‘Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you.’ 

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Speaking, Teaching and Sharing the Adventure

“I believe in sharp No. 2 pencils and the smell of new notebooks. I believe that huge belly laughs should be included in the daily curriculum of every student.”
-- Jari

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Poetry and Writings by Jari Thymian

“Poetry and the written arts move mountains by changing strife and distraction to peace and clarity.”
-- Jari

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What’s New: Blog from Jari

“A few words placed side by side grow in strength, meaning, and depth. Where they lead is an adventure.”
-- Jari

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“Like sunrises, the world of creativity connects us through shared epiphanies.”
-- Jari